Why do houses need insulation

home insulation

Before we start talking about insulation in homes, it’s a better to know what is it, how it works or for that matter, what are its benefits. As the comfort surmount in our life more than anything else, it is but natural you would like your home to be well comfortable so that when you enter your home, it makes you feel relaxed. Proper insulation, or more aptly thermal insulation, is a term coined for the products that reduce heat loss or gain by working as a wall between areas that have different temperatures. Home insulation cuts the amount of heat that goes away from your home in winters and saves house from getting warmer in summers. Therefore, home insulation is one of the factors that add more to the comfort quotient of your home.

The need

Proper insulation is as important as the popper sealing. It helps reduce your overall energy consumption at first, as in the absence of a proper insulation you need to use expensive devices to keep your home warm or cool as per the season. On the top of this, the devices need to work harder to maintain the temperature inside, thereby increasing your monthly expenses. In a nut shell, the insulation is like your thick blanket or a cotton sheet on your bed that keeps you warm. Insulation does the same to your home.

Types of insulation

There are four basic types of insulations: Loose-fill Insulation, Batt and Blanket Insulation, Rigid Board Insulation and Spray Foam Insulation. Wherein the Loose-Fill Insulation is of loose fiber or fiber pallets that are blown into the building cavities or attics using some special devices, Batt Ad Blanket Insulation is of mineral fiber and is used to insulate below floor, above ceilings or within walls. Rigid Board Insulation is generally created of fiberglass polystyrene or polyurethane and is available in various patterns and thicknesses and has a high insulating value, whereas the Spray Foam Insulation is a two part liquid containing a polymer and a foaming agent.