Why Do Indian Girls Look So Hot

Indian Girl

It is not about the opinion of men appreciating Indian girls for their looks. Both women and men around the world find Indian girls more appealing than girls in various other countries. Even celebrities like Paris Hilton have commented that Indian girls look gorgeous and exotic. Though there could be individual opinions about the startling beauty of India girls, here are some common reasons shared by a majority of people who find them hot.

Possessing a Racial Mix

Since India has been made a colony by several invaders of varied races, there is a mix of exotic beauties that has developed in India over the years. People feel that this mixed and unique beauty of Indian girls is the most appealing factor.

Having a Different Skin Tone

There is a natural tan defining the beauty of Indian girls. They have a nice color of the skin that is unlike of other girls staying at all other places. This is a big attraction that makes them look hotter.

Having Black Hair and Dark Eyes

Some people get especially attracted to the long black hair and dark brown eyes of Indian girls. These are found to be quite appealing features in them.

Having Shy Yet Friendly Behavior

Foreigner men find Indian beauties very attractive with their shy yet polite behavior. They think that shyness in Indian girls is a special feature of their naturally beautiful personalities. However, Indian girls are also friendly and polite to talk to. They are accommodative and sweet. These qualities add to their hotness and charm.

Having Exotic Looks with a Caring Attitude

People also share a positive opinion about the dressing style and attitude of Indian girls. It is said that their saris make them look seductive while being traditional. Even though Indian girls are wonderfully dressed up, they carry a caring attitude with them.