Why do Macs cost so much

Why do Macs cost so much

After the launch of Apple products, there is one thing that has bothered everyone. It is the price tag. Yes, everyone has the same question how come Macs cost so much when a PC with same features is a lot less.

Macs are expensive due to the use of aesthetics. Aesthetic is an exquisite piece of hardware and Macbooks have the aluminum shell with a brilliant lightweight design. It is based on the IBM/Motorola Power PC architecture with the advantage of Velocity Engine over MMX and SSE present in windows PC. PowerPC itself is what make Macbook more efficient and that is the advantage over other PC.

Apple uses the Foxconn Motherboard with high end memory capacity. The motherboard fulfills all needs of latency and voltage setting with advance processors and chipsets. The next big thing that makes Mac books more costly is Mac Operating System which is quite advanced that other ones. Other important features about Macs are the power conserving ability and high efficiency.

The hardware support is outstanding, starting from motherboard, batteries, RAM, etc. Apple uses the best Intel chipsets ranging from i945 to P67 which creates polished and customized hardware offering power consumption techniques.

Mac is completely different from your regular PC’s, net book, laptop, or desktop which are universally built and mostly interchangeable but that is not the case with Macs as they are opposite, custom built and completely proprietary that is built in only Apple’s specifications. Mac books are known for their high end performance, lightweight features and outstanding battery backup.

In the end, Macbook is a fine combination of custom made motherboard, integrated with best software, which makes it a premium product.