Why do men take so long in the bathroom

Why do men take so long in the bathroom

Anyone who has ever lived with a man knows that men take a lot of time in the bathroom. We know they aren’t spending their time grooming, doing their hair or putting on face packs. So what the heck do men do in the bathroom that takes them so long? Let’s find out some popular reasons.


This one is a no brainer. Men love to, er, play with themselves. The toilet gives them the privacy they need to indulge in the activity without anyone suspecting what they are doing in there. Being on the toilet also let them clean up quickly after the deed is done.


A typical man’s daily schedule doesn’t always leave him with enough time to read their favorite sports mags or the newspaper. The bathroom gives them the space and time to read up. It is also a great place to read gossip mags and tabloid that they wouldn’t be caught dead reading otherwise.


Sitting on the toilet is a great way for men to wind down and take a break from their day and their worries. It is the one single place where they don’t have to worry about putting up a brave face or fulfilling the image that they have built up in the world.

Ponder over their, er, poop

For some odd reason, men are really obsessed with the shape, size and quantity of their stools. They discuss it often with their friends and being able to drop a solid one is somehow a mark of machismo among them.


A lot of men like to catch their first or second smoke of the day on the toilet bowl. Nicotine is a great stimulant and allows one to pass stool without any effort.