Why do people believe in doomsday predictions

Why do people believe in doomsday predictions

Doomsday has always remained a subject of great interest among people. A fundamental question that arises is that why do people believe in doomsday predictions? According to biologists, all human beings are endowed with the instinct to live and procreate, and doomsday obviously indicates end of humanity. So, what are the grounds behind this conflict?

I think there are a number of reasons behind people’s belief in doomsday predictions. The fundamental fact is that such kind of prophecies feed the desire of human beings to know the unknown realms of human life after death.

Another reason behind believing in doomsday prediction is the fact that people are wary of all kind of natural and man-made disasters occurring on daily basis across the world. There are disasters, tsunamis, earthquakes, drought, along with robberies, murders, genocide and all kind of crimes across the world. People feel intimidated with all these atrocities and want to get rid of all these threats. Doomsday seems to be a perfect recipe for eradicating all the bad things from the world and creating nice and Utopian society thereafter.

A different reason behind people’s attraction to doomsday can be attributed to films and serials made with the help of latest technology and 3D effects. These films take the relationship between human beings and nature to an altogether different level, where nature is being shown as unpredictable, mysterious and destructive.

Some people believe in doomsday predictions out of monotony. They are bored of regular things of life and doomsday prediction gives them something exciting and unstable coming up their way, sometimes down the line.

Whatever be the reason behind believing in doomsday prediction, one thing is certain that those who believe in doomsday begin to believe in small and wonderful gifts of life and regard them as valuable things of life.