Why do people buy expensive cars

expensive cars

When it comes to getting from Point A to Point B, both a cheap car and a pricey car do a fine job if they are in top shape. But for some people, driving around in a cheap car just doesn’t get it. So what drives people to pay extra for an expensive car? Let’s find out.

To show off their wealth

The very simple reason that prompts people to buy pricey cars even though they could get around just fine in a smaller, cheaper cars too is that they want to tell the world that they can not only afford to buy such a car, but can also afford to pay to keep it in running shape too.

To access better features

Most high end cars come with features that are generally not offered in cars with a lower price tag. From more precise navigation to luxuriant upholstery and even a host of driver aid tech that are too costly to be offered as standard or optional extra in budget friendly cars. For a true auto lover, these features are worth paying extra for.

To fulfill their competitive urges

Many men and women buy a super expensive sports car even though they do not plan on driving it around a race track. This need to have a powerful or luxurious car basically reflects their competitive urges. Through owning a muscle car or a luxury car, they basically are trying to tell people how masculine or high class they themselves are!

To maintain their social status

A common trend among the upper class car owners is that they often hire the services of a professional chauffeur to drive their expensive cars. For these people, the top level in driving luxury means nothing. However, the interior refurbishments and refinements do help them emphasize their social standing and hence for them buying an expensive car is as necessary as wearing expensive clothing or living in posh locations.