Why Do People Collect Things

Why Do People Collect Things

Collecting and piling objects is a hobby for many people. While some of them do it for the sake of their interest, others fulfill their psychological motives from collecting things. Read on to know some major reasons behind the development of this habit of people.

Attachment to past

Some collectors feel quite attached to their past and preserve things as a memory of this past. They want to retain all good memories with them. While doing it unconsciously, they sometimes turn into compulsive collectors over a period of time.

Fun and interest

Many people collect things because of their special interests. For example, some individuals have an interest in collecting stamps while others preserve antique figurines. They believe it is fun to collect their favorite items and see a growing collection. It offers them happiness when their collection of things widens.

Gaining control

Psychologists suggest that people also collect things to gain control over their lives. While they cannot control a variety of aspects of their real lives, they try to fulfill this desire by gaining control over collectibles. This also helps them reduce some anxiety and deal better with life situations.

Social interaction

Some people collect their favorite items so they can come in contact with like-minded people in society. They may aim at enhancing their social interaction with such people who also like to collect similar objects. This further gives them more knowledge and a sense of pleasure. Additionally, they may be looking for recognition for their collections from fellow collectors.

Freedom and security

For certain individuals, their collections are like their diversified wealth. This not only gives them a feeling of freedom, but also makes them feel more secure.

Selling and trading

For people with profit motives, their collections become a way to earn money. They want to either trade them with fellow collectors or sell them at a higher price to interested parties.