Why do people fear death

Why do people fear death

We all know that death is inevitable. Still we, or say most of us, fear death. Why is it so? Well, the answer lies in the fact that death is a mystery. We do not know what happens after death. Nobody speaks to dead people, and nobody wants to leave comforts of the life in existing form.

Besides, most of the religions preach that people have to go through many hardships after death, which makes it all the more intimidating. The concept of hell and heaven, and the hearsay around these two “abode” post death make it quite frightening. General beliefs about punishments post death in all religions make it quite frightening. For example, in most of the religions it is believed that people who go to hell live a very difficult life where they have to repent for their sins, and even people who are good human beings but have committed some mistakes in their lives also face some punishments for their misdeeds.

Some people fear death because they are too content with the kind of life they are leading. They have a fat bank balance, a home and a happy family and the thought of leaving everything behind sends shiver down their spine.

The feeling of love and affection for family and near and dear ones also makes death a frightening subject. Nobody wants to go away from a loving spouse and affectionate children. Some people fear death because they think the process of dying hurts and makes one suffer.

In gist, we can say people fear death because it is being seen as a misery rather than renunciation of this world and people are deeply attached with the material comforts of human life.