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Why Do People Find Quitting Soda Drinks Not Worth Considering

Why Do People Find Quitting Soda Drinks Not Worth Considering

Billions of gallons of soda drinks are consumed by people every year. While many individuals are aware of the long-term harmful effects of such soda or carbonated drinks, they do not consider to quit drinking them. If you also find this surprising, then here are some facts to let you know the reasons why people do not think of leaving soda over their health.

If you look at the ingredients of soda drinks, then you will find lots of sugar or fructose, phosphoric acid, caffeine, and caramel coloring in them. While these fattening amount of sugar can cause diabetes in little time, the digestion efforts toward phosphoric acid can lead to the reduction of your body’s calcium phosphate stores. Thus, soda drinks can keep leeching essential minerals out of your body, thus increasing the chances of bone problems and osteoporosis in some time. Their artificial flavors and ingredients can also lead to high BP, infertility, strokes, and cancer.

Still, people find soda drinks so addictive that they ignore all the above damaging facts. This happens because carbonated drinks include caffeine that is highly addictive. It is actually a psychoactive drug that affects your brain cells directly. While it can increase alertness, it also leads to anxiety in some people. However, people prefer alertness over damage caused to their neural pathways because they cannot get over their addiction.

While caffeine addiction is the major reason of constant intake of soda drinks, some individuals also stick to them due to their convenient and quick availability. There are many who are also after their interesting and tingling taste. People may also feel that soda drinks can hydrate them. Instead, these drinks speed up the production of urine and leave you more dehydrated than any other drink. It is always wiser to get over your addiction as soon as you get to know of the ill effects. Healthier alternatives, like fruit juices, are always available.

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