Why do people get ear wax

wax in ear

Everyone has ear wax. It’s one of the bodily liquids that helps sustain the multimillion dollar ear bud and q-tip industry around the world. But many experts warn that ear wax is actually essential for us and that we shouldn’t be trying to clean it out. We examine what ear wax really is and why do people get it.

What is ear wax?

Ear wax is a natural lubricant produced by the body. Its natural functions are to lubricate the innards of the ear. Scientifically, it is called cerumen and it is a shiny, sticky substance that is excreted by the wax glands located in the outer part of the ear canal. This canal separates the inner ear from the fleshy outer ear.

It lubricates the ear

Ear wax comprises of 20-50% fat and its primary function is to moisturize the ear. This moisturization prevents the ear canal from drying out. Most people’s ears produce enough war wax naturally to allow the era to remain healthy. However, in cases where too little wax is produced or when it is removed forcibly through the use of chemicals, the ear may become prone to infection, dry and itchy.

It catches dirt and debris

If the dirt and debris in the air around us are allowed to get too deep in the ear, they may get lodged in the sensitive passages of the inner ear and cause infections. The ear wax thus serves as a dirt trapper that also prevents miniscule particles of dirt from entering the ear.

It acts as dirt flusher

The ear wax is not only responsible to catching the dirt and dust that enters your ears; it also allows t to be disposed off by the body without you doing a thing. Ear wax, once it has served its moisturization purpose, migrates slowly to the opening of the ear and automatically falls out of the ear in small particles once it dries up thus flushing the dirt that was able to get inside the ear.