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Why do people get tattoos on their face


Mike Tyson has it and everybody got to see just how cool his face tattoo looked in the first installment of The Hangover. While that doesn’t necessarily mean that the age of face tattoos has truly arrived, it also means that seeing someone with a face tattoo may not be that extraordinary an experience as it may sound. So why do people get tattoos on their faces? Let’s try to find some explanations for it.

Body tattoos aren’t that scandalous-looking anymore     

When the wife of a prime minister, priests, every major celebrity and even grandmothers start getting tattoos, the former symbol of rebellion kind of loses its edge. But for someone that has been a diehard tattoo lover all his life or for someone who finds other forms of body modification way too painful for them, a face tattoo could be just the kind of thing they can get a scandalous look.

To show people how badass they are

The very reason why people started getting tattoos in the modern era was probably to show how badass they are. Btu these days body tattoos have become acceptable and much less of a tough choice. Face tattoos, however, still leave people wondering if its owner is right in the head or not which, we suppose, is just the kind of reaction anyone getting a face tattoos wants.

It’s a mask they can hide behind

When you have a tattoo on your face, it distracts people from the expressions on your face. Neuro linguistic signs and facial expressions are essential for humans in telling whether the person they are talking to is being truthful or sincere or not. But a face tattoo effectively creates a barrier between the eyes of the beholder and the bearer of the tattoo and helps the tattooed person “hide” their real emotions and feelings behind the “mask” of the tattoo.


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