Why do people get tattoos


Tattooing has been an old practice in many cultures, especially in Asia and Africa, and spread throughout the world. Though it is difficult to unearth the origin of tattoos, but tattooing has been a Eurasian practice at least since Neolithic times. Earlier tattoos were inscribed to depict social and cultures values of different tribes or societies, but over the period tattooing has experienced resurgence in popularity, which has now become a fashion or style statement in different parts of the world. Nowadays, tattoos are painful, permanent and expensive; still they are becoming popular as a fashion trend among masses. If you ask people why they went under the needle, you’ll get as varied reasons, some logical and other silly, as there are individuals. Following are some of the most common reasons for engraving tattoos.

Admiring a loved one

Usually people inscribe tattoos on their body to remember a loved one who has/had influenced their lives. Some engrave the tattoo of their fathers or mothers, sons or daughters, spouses or friends, or even pets names or pictures on their body as a gesture of love, respect and care. For these people tattoo is more than a body art as they want to keep their loved ones permanently on their skin, closer to their heart, no matter if they’ll have to go under the needle.

Religious tattoos

Religious tattoos are another common and popular form of body art, as we find a number of people with names and faces of their deities on their body, so they could reveal their respect and devotion towards their gods or goddesses and find them closer to their heart and soul both in difficulty and prosperity. And there is nothing wrong in demonstrating your religious beliefs, for devotion to god is one of the driving forces that lead one to live a pious or sacred life.

Crucial event

There is a crucial event or phase in everybody’s which becomes a turning point for that individual and influences or changes his/her life completely. And there no other better way that to pierce an allied tattoo on their body to keep those crucial events or phases in their mind all the time. Tattoos spontaneously relive those important chapters of their lives and remind them what they have been through to get where they are today.