Why do people go public when they win the lottery

lottery win

Everyone on this earth wasn’t born with a silver spoon in their mouth has fantasized about winning the lottery at least once in their lifetimes. Most people see lottery winners announcing their good fortune to the world as being tacky and fame hogs. But there are a lot of reasons that prompt lottery winners to go public with the announcement. Here are a few of them.

It’s hard to hide a big lottery win

While winning a few hundred dollars in the lottery would alter your lifestyle, a jackpot worth millions surely would. For a lottery winner, keeping this kind of news hidden could be incredibly hard. The first thing most lottery winners do is pay off all their debt and buy homes. Depending on the size of their win, the home could be a rather substantial level up from their current dwelling. Of course, making such huge financial investments would prompt friends and family to ask where they were getting all the money for it. Instead of making up lies about how they are able to afford to pay for fancy schools for kids, a large house in the country, luxuries and fancy holidays abroad, people simply go public with their win.

Going public prevents suspicion from employers

If your lottery win is rather substantial and a winner or their spouse are at a later phase of your working life, they are likely to opt to retire or ask for a part time job from their current employer. In case the winner doesn’t go public, their new clothes, new car, new home and increased spending are likely to make employers very suspicious. However, a simple announcement of the win makes it very clear to your employer that your new Porsche wasn’t paid for by an embezzlement of fraud on your part.