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Why do people go to London for divorce

Why do people go to London for divorce

What is common between Paul McCartney, Bernie Ecclestone, Madonna and Guy Ritchie and Katrin Radmacher? The common factor among all of them is the fact that their divorce took place in London. In recent past, London has emerged as divorce capital of the world. People from all around the world who are eligible for applying in courts of London and who are rich enough to make foreign tours for the sake of divorce have successfully got divorce from there.

Any warring spouse thinking for a divorce wants two things – fast judgment and a decent share in assets post divorce. London does the same. It not only delivers fast results but also allows wives to obtain more shares in the assets.

Besides, the law believes in distributing assets equally between husbands and wives, in case they both are earners.  This law came to limelight when, in 2000, assets of a divorcing couple were divided equally between them. This case is famously known as “White vs. White” and has since then paved way for other couples to head to London for fast settlement.

Heather Mills secured 2.3million pounds when she separated from Sir Paul McCartney in 2008 and Orianne Ceve (former wife of the musician Phil Collins) secured a settlement of 25 million pounds the same year. In the famous case of Guy Ritchie and Madonna’s divorce, Guy Ritchie renounced his share on Madonna’s assets because he himself is a rich man in his own right.

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