Why do people go to Paris


Tell a friend you are going to Paris and you are sure to draw a smile and sigh for sure. While a trip abroad gets friends excited for sure, some people aren’t too convinced with the hype surrounding the French capital. Here are a few reason that prompt people to visit Paris.

To live the romantic cliché

How many times have you heard the cliché that proclaims Paris to be “the city of love”? And while an average Parisian who lives in the city may not agree with the view, the French tourism industry thrives on the business brought in by people that want to live the cliché. And a couple in love finds plenty of romance in the life of the city as well- from the charming street side cafes to the quiet parks, the historic museums and even the art galleries and high end restaurants, Paris has an offering for every kind of couple.

To experience fine dining

The French have the snootiest culinary tradition in the entire world and tourists traveling to Paris often come back with tales of how a restaurant refused to serve them because they asked for condiments with their meal! That being said, a gastronomical tour of Paris is usually high on a foodie’s bucket list. In fact, many travelers book tables at a high end restaurant on Paris months in advance to ensure that they’d be able to dine there during their visit!

For the cultural experience

Paris is renowned for its culture-centric lifestyle. It has a number of museums like the world famous Louvre and amateur artists love exploring the legends behind the lives of the various artists that have called Paris their home over the centuries. Thanks to its rich history, the French capital also has a number of historical sights that dot its skyline. Even a causal day out in the city will have a tourist encountering at least a dozen buildings of historic importance most of which an average person would recognize from their school history lessons.