Why do people hate gays

Why do people hate gays

Folks who enjoy the status of being in majority always hate or denigrate those in minority. So, it’s but natural for straights to despise gays. However, they do it without a solid reason to defend their actions. As gays move out of the time-honored and the most natural sex practice (as we believe it to be) to fulfill their bodily and psychological needs, people who can’t empathize with their sensibilities find their love-making behavior to be inexplicable, despicable and indigestible as well. Blame it on people’s mental makeup, they hate homosexuality and thus, cannot consider anyone as a morally right person if he has atypical love-related preferences.

First reason, as indicated in the last line of previous paragraph, includes our pre-defined idea of heterosexuality as being a perfectly legitimate and the only acceptable way to have sex. However, what we need to understand is if gays’ sensibilities inspire them to have sex with people of the same gender and it’s not forced at all, then it is probably natural.

Another hearsay or a misconception states that homosexuals are mentally ill and they fear the opposite sex. A major chunk of people thinks so. However, if you don’t want to reveal that you actually think so or can empathize with their sensibilities, you fear that they will show interest in you. Even then, haven’t people of the opposite sex ever shown any interest in you? If yes, then the problem is yours not theirs. Hence, it’s perfectly okay if they express their feelings in a polite way. Further, it never proves that gays are mentally unstable; they just have different sex-related preferences.

Homosexuals incorrectly tend to compare gays to pedophiles, exhibitionists, incestuous couples or sometimes, rapists, and they do it without any substantial evidences. While pedophiles assault kids, exhibitionists expose their genitals to put people off, incestuous couples break religious beliefs and rapists force others into sex, homosexuals make sex with people of same gender with their consent. So basically, there is no comparison at all.

Next, people think that homosexuals may inspire their kids to imitate them. Yet another explanation for hateful response is the fact (or fiction maybe, since stats are not always correct) that gays are more susceptible to AIDS and other STDs. Now, this is attributable to unsafe health practices purely rather than being an abnormality.

Well, therefore, we should leave it to gays alone to decide what is good for them. If they are not causing any harm to others around them, we have no moral right to question whom they want to have sex with.