Why Do People Hate ISIS

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, or infamously known as the ISIS, is a self-proclaimed rebellious group that emerged to prominence in the early 2000. According to Wikipedia, ISIS “is a Salafi jihadist unrecognized proto-state and militant group that follows a fundamentalist, Wahhabi doctrine of Sunni Islam.” The organization has been responsible for executing multiple massacres around the world over the past 2 decades and has been declared a terrorist organization by the US.

Reasons Why Do People Hate ISIS

While there are dozens of reasons for which the ISIS is detested by people around the planet, we’ll limit ourselves with the only few of the most prominent among them. So, here they are:

Because they are responsible for so many massacres around the world
Whether it’s the killing of 49 people in a gay club shooting that took place in June 2016 or the regular beheading videos that they’re so proud to release; there is just an endless list of misdeeds carried out by the notorious ISIS. The organization is linked to multiple crimes such as rape, human trafficking, theft, and extortion. In 2014, the organization was believed to have a net worth of $2bn.

Because they kill people in the name of Jihad
It has become common for the ISIS to release beheading videos featuring non-believers (non-muslims). Most of the times, the beheading acts are followed by a brief speech made by an ISIS representative talking about their twisted version of the concept of Jihad mentioned in the Islamic holy book of Quran. While the literal meaning of Jihad translates to Holy War, many Islamic scholars debate that the word actually means one’s struggle with oneself.

Because they want to form a caliphate
To go by the book, a caliphate is an area/organization with an Islamic leader. The person in charge is known as a caliph and is considered to be a religious successor to Muhammad. Throughout their continuation, ISIS has claimed multiple times to be a caliphate. The power possessed by a caliph is absolute, meaning his decisions are final. His decisions are to be carried out without any question or doubt and had to be accepted by the entire the community, the caliphate.

Because they want everyone to embrace Islam
The ISIS has made it clear on multiple occasions that they wish the world authorities to embrace their 8th century version of Islam. There have been multiple occasions when ISIS have released videos or given statements telling the US to embrace Islam. This is widely criticized, including by Muslims, by people around the world. As a matter of fact, it is mentioned in the Islamic doctrine that whoever wishes to accept Islam on his own free will is allowed to become a true Muslim. The religious texts clearly negate about forceful conversion to Islam.