Why do people hate rising stock prices

Why do people hate rising stock prices

Usually, a rise in stock prices means that a company is doing well and that its stocks are quickly being lapped up anyone who has the means to buy them. However, not everyone takes as much satisfaction and joy in stockholder’s success and good fortune and many people simply hate rising stock prices. Why is that you ask? We try to find out.

1. It puts stocks out of people’s reach

A lot of people hate rising stock prices simply because it put them out of their reach.

2. Envy

Rising stock prices simply mean that someone else has gained a profit. Even if you haven’t invested in stocks in your life, you’d be a tad jealous when someone told you how much money they made when the price of the stocks they invested in went up.

3. Stocks are a limited commodity

There are only a limited number of stocks for any company available in the market at any given time. After the initial sales, there are only so many stocks that you can buy and you can buy only if someone else is selling. Hence, when stocks rise, it means that those who already own those stocks are profiting and there is no way that someone new can buy stocks and make a profit right now.

4. Fear of a lost opportunity

A lot of people that invest in the stock market often feel bad when the price of a stock that they don’t own soars. People hate it even more when they know that they had considered buying sometime in the past but didn’t It is a simple case of losers weepers. People hate rising stock prices because they consider it a loss that they don’t have shares in it that from the thinking that they could have profited from that rise.