Why Do People Keep Pets


There is increasing number of families keeping pets at their places. You might also be fond of a dog or cat that you have kept in your house. However, did you ever analyze why you gave shelter to this pet animal? Let us see why people develop a liking for keeping pets in their homes.

To enhance mood

Several studies have indicated that people owning pets have lower chances of feeling depressed as compared to those who do not keep pets. Pets are special mood boosters that improve your temperament, especially when you are feeling low or depressed.

To avoid boredom and stress

There are many people who stay alone or feel lonely in the absence of loved ones at home. In such cases, pets act as a part of their families and offer them company. Keeping a pet at house is a way to kill boredom, as pets are always available for you. Pets also relieve a person of their stress and anxiety.

To remain healthier

It is true that people with pets remain happier with lesser chances of developing high blood pressure or heart rate. This helps them cut down on medicines and remain healthier. One can also go for a walk with a pet. Thus, they can also be your exercise-time companions.

To gain unconditional love

You may also talk to your pets if you want to share your secrets. It is safer to talk to your pets, as they offer unconditional love and faithfulness to you. They actually prolong your lifespan.

To be socially better

Some studies have also shown that people keeping pets are good at forming new relationships with others in the society. One’s social skills can improve by living with a pet. It is believed that you will be more respectful toward others if you have seen a living being growing at your home.