Why do people like Apple Computers


Apple computers, in terms of global market share and sales, do not present much of a stand to their much, much more popular rival Microsoft Windows-based computers. Despite having become a major player in the smartphone market globally, Apple hasn’t fared as well in the computer market. But plenty of people still love Apple computers. We examine the reasons behind this adoration.

1. Brand perception

Thanks to the millions of dollars that Apple has thrown in marketing and styling for their products, the public has come to perceive Apple computers as being hugely superior to any other kind of computer system out in the market. Just the iPhone series is no better than rival flagship smartphones (Samsung Galaxy S4 is effectively a generation ahead of the iPhone 5), Apple computers too have their limitations and are even dubbed inferior than competing OSes by experts though the public generally perceives Apple computers as being the superior product of the lot based solely on what they think of the brand and its styling.

2. Some people just don’t like other OSes

Anyone who has used a Mac or Apple computer since childhood would find it a very difficult to work on other OSes. This fact has more to do with being familiar with aspects of a certain kind of computer system rather than a preference made after years of trial and error.

3. To make apps for iOS

Programmers that need to develop apps and programs for iOS need to use Mac computers for obvious reasons. Just like it would be counterintuitive for a developer working on an app for Window Mobile to use another OS for his work or for someone creating an internet enabled app to only work offline, a developer that is coming up an app or software for Mac OS needs to work on Apple computers as they share software.