Why Do People Like LeBron James

LeBron Raymone James is synonymous with NBA basketball. The basketball player has an immense fan base, which includes several people around the world.People love him for his extraordinary skills in the game.

But there are a lot more other reasons, aside from being a cherished basketball player, for which he enjoys an immense love and respect from his fans.

Great Leader

LeBron James is loved and respected for his quality of being a great leader. He believes in collective efforts and guides his team towards the objectives with a complete sense of team spirit.

He himself is a great basketball player, but he likes to bring out the best of his teammates by distributing responsibilities to each of them. His selfless and collective approach for winning the game has gained him so many fans that love him just for that.

Highly Active on Social Media

The star NBA player remains active on social media and provides updates to his fans by publishing posts regarding his activities. It shows that he loves his fans as much as they love him. He is not only a great player but also is a great human being who respect feelings of others.

Playing in National Team of USA

LeBron James is a star player. He has proved that by helping the team USA to grab two Olympic gold medals. Winning an Olympic medal is a great honour not only for the team but for the whole country.He and his team made every U.S. citizen proud of each medal they had grabbed in the Olympics.


LeBron James is a generous human being with a heart of gold. He indulges and support several charities including, LeBron James Family Foundation, After-School All-Stars and Children’s Defence Fund.

He always step-forward to help by donating money for various causes such as poverty, hunger, human rights, education, health and human rights. Coming to his hometown Akron, Ohio, he had donated almost 42 million U.S. dollars for sending 1100 children to college, who are incapable of doing so due to economic difficulties.

Love for His Community and Hometown

LeBron has always remained strongly connected to his hometown Akron, Ohio and the people of his community. He played NBA from Cleveland because Akron does not have an NBA franchise.

LeBron one stated that if a franchise is opened in Akron, then he definitely will be playing basketball for his hometown team. It tells that how much he loves his community and this made people love and respect his personality.