Why do people play Golf

Why do people play Golf

Golf has become of the most popular sports in the world. What was once a sport only for royalty, nobility and people of wealth and leisure has now become one of the most widely played games in the world. So why do people like playing golf? We investigate.

It indicates one’s social status

Traditionally, golf has been a sport that only the richest people in the world could indulge in. Even today, golf isn’t a sport that can be as easily indulged in by the poorer segments of society.

It is a low impact form of exercise

Being a fairly low impact form of exercise, golf is an ideal sport for the elderly, people that are recovering from a long illness as well as people that are not fit enough to indulge in a more rigorous sport or more hard core exercise.

It allows people to stay outdoors and get some sun

People who golf are able to spend a large part of the day soaking in the sun, socializing and indulging in light exercise without worrying about sun strokes, over exertion of or dehydration. For people visiting a tropical golf course from a region that is experiencing winter, it could also be a great way to get some much needed vitamin D.

It favors skill over physical strength

Golf is a fairly low impact sport. It is played at a leisurely pace, one doesn’t need to exert themselves too much and one only needs to be skilled at the sport to be good at it. Unlike other sports that are physically demanding, golf is relatively easy to begin and practice which is what makes it so popular with the elderly and people that aren’t fit enough to engage in more demanding sports.