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Why do people read newspapers

Why do people read newspapers

At the age of information we get news and info with a few easy clicks from the internet but still millions of people love to read print newspapers. Many people prefer reading newspaper even though they get news update on their smart phones or when they open their web browsers. Surveys have been conducted throughout the world to understand the reason behind the craze for newspapers. The first reason is that people still believe more in news that have been printed on paper. The reliability and trustworthiness that the newspapers have achieved is yet to be achieved by any other source of information.

Newspaper provides very detailed analysis of national and international news. People need to read newspaper for local news which does not get as much coverage by the international news portals or TV news channels. Newspapers are also seen as a good source of relaxation. There is news of national and international entertainment which is interesting for everyone. People get to know about the upcoming events in their town or city. The mix of serious, informative and light and entertaining news makes the newspapers so famous even till date. Many read newspaper to appear knowledgeable and learn the regional or international languages better.

It also makes people feel informed and cultured. The editorial pages of a good quality newspaper build knowledge and helps in developing authentic perspective. Though there are many great reasons why people enjoy reading newspapers one of the major reasons of its popularity is habit. A news paper compiles all sorts of news paper together like financial news, stock market related news, international news, local news, entertainment news, games, cartoons, and news of national importance. Reading a newspaper daily keeps you in touch with the rest of the globe and makes you a good communicator. These benefits influence people to read news papers.

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