Why Do People Stay in Abusive Relationships

Stay in Abusive Relationships

For any person with a normal bent of mind, staying in an abusive relationship seems is a ludicrous concept. However, there are millions of people that stay in abusive relationships for years and decades. Some others tend to seek out relationships that end up being abusive while others find themselves too weak to leave such a negative situation. Here are some reasons that make a person stay in abusive relationships.

Financial dependence on abuser

In a majority of abusive relationships, the single biggest deterrent preventing the abused partner from leaving the abuser is their financial dependence on them. Women or men that are financially dependent on their partner are more likely to stay in a relationship with them while people that are financially strong and independent are more likely to walk out after abusive behavior becomes consistent.

Abuse appears “normal” after a period of time

For most people, abusive behavior begins to appear like normal behavior when they have endured it long enough. These people cannot tell bad behavior from nice one and thus do not even realize they are in an abusive relationship.

“Daddy” issues

“Daddy issues” is a term used to describe self image and self worth issues that a person develops through their relationship with their parent(s). More often than not, a person who stays in a relationship with an abusive partner hasn’t had the opportunity to witness good parenting from their own parents. In other cases when a parent of the opposite sex hasn’t been around, the person isn’t able to tell the difference between abusive behavior and normal behavior in a relationship.

Low self esteem

People with self esteem issues have a hard time identifying abusive behavior as abuse. They truly believe that they deserve the abuse or that they don’t deserve to be treated nicely.