Why do plants grow in spring

Why do plants grow in spring

Spring is the season which every one awaits eagerly. Plants grow beautifully in this season, human beings begin to relish the beauty of nature and animals and birds get food in abundance.

The plants grow rapidly in this season because they get favorable conditions for optimum growth. An average plant needs four things for growth – water, light, warmth and soil. If any of these factors are not adequate or are more than enough then the growth of plants slows down. In summers inadequate water and over warmth kills plants, during winters extreme cold makes it tough for plants to grow. During monsoons, excess down pouring and lack of sun shine ruins their growth.

Spring is the only season when plants get enough of all the four nurturing factors. After long and tardy winters, spring brings with it adequate sunshine which raises temperature of the soil and air – an ideal condition for seeds to germinate and grow. Mild showers of the season provide adequate water to the plants to grow.

The trees and bushes which had lost their leaves during winters because of lack of sun shine begin to grow new leaves and flower bearing plants begin to flower beautifully in this season because the days turn longer and warmer- an important ingredient for plants to make their food.

During spring, the winds also blow slowly and insects and bees become quite active. These two things help flowers in pollination, making them grow rapidly.