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Why Do Some People Avoid Caring for the Environment

Why Do Some People Avoid Caring for the Environment

In an age when natural resources are on a huge decline and the environment is getting polluted and destructed day by day, there are still millions of people who are uncaring toward this condition of their environment. They are neither bothered about their present nor about the future of their children. However, there are reasons why so many people are insensitive toward their surroundings and nature.

To start with, some individuals are completely ignorant of what has been happening to the environment. Even if they know it, they do not know what can be done to protect nature and its resources. While it is still understandable on the part of those who are not very educated, it cannot be taken for a person who has received good school and college education. The irony is that even educated people display ignorance and apathy to their environment.

Another reason is people’s over-dependence on technology. With ever-evolving technologies, they start believing that environmental issues would also be sorted out using these technologies. They do not want to pay attention to the role that an individual must play in the protection of environment. It is simply their false belief, and there are unlimited environmental issues and questions that even technology does not have answers for.

To some extent, the education system can also be held responsible for the uncaring attitude of people toward their environment. As kids, they are not given sufficient knowledge on the ways they can contribute to saving precious resources that are non-renewable in nature. It is very important to pass on vital information about our planet and its future. If children are shown the way to handle their natural resources conservatively, then they can better understand the involved issues. Educational institutions can play a big role in explaining about the reuse and recycling of resources, as well as in encouraging the use of renewables.

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