Why do some people with Coronavirus don’t get symptoms of while others do


The novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19 has already infected over 2.5 million people around the globe and claimed more than 170,000 lives.

But do you know that some people don’t even get symptoms of coronavirus? According to studies, 80% or more people who are infected are also “silent carriers” without even showing mild symptoms.

As per the latest observations, healthy children and young people are most likely to be asymptomatic for this condition. However, for calculation of the right number of people with no symptoms of this severe illness, proper testing needs to be expanded across the entire population. Sadly, this is not feasible yet.

We’re not sure who do some people with coronavirus infection are asymptomatic while others get the life-threatening condition. But here’s what is known to us so far.

What happens if coronavirus gets into your body?

Like all viruses, COVID-19 requires to enter human cells for surviving and multiplying. For this process, a particle on the outer shell of the virus latches onto a similar protein receptor (ACE2) like lock and key. These receptors are generally found in kidneys, lungs, gut and heart.

If a person is infected with this virus, it may take up to 14 days to show the symptoms to appear. This duration is called the incubation period. But if your immune system is strong, the virus cannot hold in your body for too long and doesn’t have any adverse impact on your body organs.

Why do some people are asymptomatic while others are not?

Since sicker and older patients have a weak immune system, their body is prone to various illnesses. However, people with a stronger immune system tend to produce a faster and more adequate response for killing the virus that enters their body before it begins multiplying and developing symptoms.

In simple words, elder people or those who are already sick or suffering from any health condition are more likely to develop COVID-19 symptoms. On the other hand, people with stronger immune systems can bear the impact of the virus much better. So, a person needs to be healthy to mount proper and appropriate immune responses to the virus.

As more and more tests are being performed on different populations across the world, physicians are likely to learn more about the metabolic characteristics and immune system of those who remain asymptomatic carries of COVID 19.

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