Why do spacers hurt so much

Why do spacers hurt so much

Spacers, technically called as Orthodontic separators are generally placed in teeth before putting braces. They are made up of rubber band or metal and fit between the molars. To be more specific, spacers are circular in shape like a circular rubber band and about just a centimeter in diameter mainly placed between top and bottom molars. There are probably 1-12 spacers on the small metal or rubber clip to keep the molar apart.

Spacers are kept between the teeth for one or two weeks to keep the teeth apart so the dentist can fit a band or tooth brace between them. Many of you might have gone through this whole procedure and realized that spacers can be painful. Do you know why it hurts while placing bracers in your teeth? The information might help you.

Spacers are fitted between your teeth and the process is agitating filled with painful sensation and those who wear them are warned not to pick them as they might fall out. Spacers are made form rubber but for a change they can be metal and usually placed when a person’s teeth are too close. They are placed for a time period of max one or two weeks but it can be painful sometimes. They also cause toothache and gum pains because of the constant pressure against person’s teeth.

As they are placed between the teeth, they cause irritation with constant pain and sometimes spacers may dig into gums causing bleeding and swelling. The application of spacers is just to create enough space between the teeth and during the process you might feel some pressure and bit soreness after the removal, but overall it is quite a painless process.

Depending on the type of spacers there are times when you might feel difficulty in chewing, especially certain crispy food, as spacers are made to fit against the edges and apply pressure continuously.