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Why do vampires drink blood

Why do vampires drink blood

Vampires are nocturnal, mythical creatures who have become a favorite of millions of teenagers due to the popular movies and fictions. They have always evoked curiosity and an aura of mystery. There are many stories and folk lore regarding the vampires but though the details change from one region to another one fact remains the same. The vampires survive on human blood. They are also called blood-suckers. Now the question which we all want answered is why do vampires drink blood? There are so many opposing theories at work regarding the blood lust of vampires that anyone can become confused.

According to one of the popular theories the vampires struck a deal with the satanic powers and asked for never ending lives. They became a cursed race and can only survive if they get fresh human blood. Otherwise they become weak and have to live inside a coffin. Blood is considered the life-force that vampires seek and only humans can give them this treasure. In many cultures there are stories which recount how vampires or similar blood-thirsty creatures drink the blood of cattle and horses.

The semi-scientific explanation regarding this blood lust of vampires is that they do not have any blood in their bodies and drink blood so that they can keep their muscles agile. In Arabic and Hebrew culture blood is regarded as the bearer of soul and sucking out the soul from living beings give the vampires their tremendous power and strength. The soul of the victim moves inside the vampire but cannot remain there for long. Vampires do not have their own soul and they are greedy to experience how having a soul feels and that is the reason why they move from one victim to another in search of blood and soul.

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