Why Do Volleyball Players Wear Spandex


Volleyball is a sport that requires swift movements and high energy. Players in this game need to rush, jump, dive and stretch a lot. Thus, they require such kind of clothing that offers them comfort and flexibility. They require their clothing not to interfere during their play. Any kind of hindrances may affect their performance in the sport. Due to such reasons, volleyball players choose clothes that support their body movements and make them more comfortable. Most of these players select to wear spandex that lets them avoid adjusting their clothes and allows them to make complete and free body movements.

Spandex is actually a kind of polyurethane fabric that can be stretched to about six times its original size. It has amazing elasticity that helps volleyball players to enjoy a free range of motion. Spandex clothing is not only soft, but is also durable in nature. When stretched and left loose, it returns to its original shape. Spandex is an ideal clothing material for volleyball players who frequently need to make dives and reach the ball. Wearing spandex also helps maintain the privacy of a player, as it clings to one’s skin like body-fit clothing.

If an athlete uses sunscreen or body oil, that does not affect Spandex clothing. Spandex does not break down due to such materials. It is also tough against perspiration, and therefore, offers high comfort to an athlete. In fact, it has the absorption capability for sweat on one’s skin. That is how it keeps a player cool and dry during the play. In addition, it reduces the friction between the body of a player and a surface like that of a floor. Thus, it is easy to slide on a floor while wearing spandex. This type of clothing is lighter too. A volleyball player can swiftly move around in spandex without any obstructions during their play.