Why do we celebrate rose day


Every year, February 7 is celebrated as Rose Day which also marks the beginning of Valentine’s Week. Even though the traditions and origins of Valentine’s Day celebrations are pretty much well known throughout the world, the reason behind the celebration of Rose Day isn’t as well known. Let’s find out what Rose Day is all about and why we celebrate it.

It marks the beginning of the Valentine’s week

Each day of the week preceding Valentine’s Day is given a specific name and there are plenty of theories about what is “allowed” and what couples are supposed to do on those days. Rose day is typically known as the day when someone could make their feelings known to another, be it romantic love, a desire to know someone better or love at first sight. since the day next to Rose Day is known as Propose Day, making your intention known through a rose before asking someone to go out with you or asking your partner to marry you served as a great way to build up to the “question”.

It is a day when one can openly express one’s feelings known to another

Traditionally, Rose Day was known as a day when a singleton could openly express his or her feelings towards another. Since different varieties of roses are used to express different sentiments, roses allowed people to make their intentions clearly known by presenting the object of their affection with a rose of a particular color. A red rose is a symbol of romantic and passionate love, orange roses are a symbol of desire and wanting to get to know someone better, yellow roses are a symbol of caring for someone, white roses are a sign of secrecy and purity, lavender roses are a symbol of love at first sight and pink roses are a symbol of thankfulness and admiration.