Why Do We Eat Chili

Eat Chili

While chilies cause a deep burning sensation in your mouth and make you sweat and cry, there are some people who still love to eat chilies. Have you ever wondered why they like to have them? Read on to know about some reasons behind their love for red-hot chilies.

Seeking sensation as reward

Some people love consuming chili, as it brings an intense sensation with it. There are certain types of individuals who have a different personality makeup. Additionally, their genetic profiles make them like spicy food. For such individuals, chili brings sensation like a reward.

Experiencing pain

As chili activates the pain receptors on one’s tongue, it brings the sensation of spiciness in a person. Some people who like this sensation also like the pain that this sensation brings along. They enjoy the burn and torture of eating a chili. You would have come across many such people who take pleasure out of negative events. Such type of behavior may also be categorized as a mildly negative event.

Desensitization and tolerance

Some research studies have also talked about the role of desensitization to the burning sensation of chilies. Some people are naturally desensitized to it, and thus, do not feel the pain caused by chilies. That leads them to like chilies and consume them more than other people. Sometimes, with age and exposure to more spicy food, certain individuals develop a tolerance level for chilies. This also leads people to have more chilies in their food.

Hedonic reversal

Hedonic reversal is probably one of the best explanations of why we eat chilies. This process actually turns a negative evaluation into positive. For this purpose, oral receptors send signals to the brain of a person due to which people start perceiving the pain from chilies as positive and begin liking them.