Why do we lie

Why do we lie

We all lie, all the time and anywhere – be it in family, office, with friends, in a party or wherever we go. It becomes even more gruesome when we all know it’s bad and causes problems. But the tendency is still on and we all lie without a second thought, particularly when lying is harder than being honest to even practiced and proficient liars. Therefore, the question hovers why we do it. There are numerous reasons and innumerable searches on the same that unfolds the tendencies and reasons behind telling lie repeatedly. However, we are here to ponder over some of the major reasons behind this knowingly committed but avoidable social diabolic.

To conceal

One of the foremost reasons why we lie is to conceal. We often give wrong information knowingly just because we really don’t want people to know what it is in real. Like we often lie about our salary figures, age, outside family relations etc. It’s just that we fear some insecurity if the truth comes out or perhaps we are too hypocrites.

Fear of rejection

This is another reason, rather a big one, to lie. We lie because we feel insecure and fear rejection that follows it. We always want to be popular among our peers or in any relationship. To keep up that place or rather say fame that otherwise would have been hurt possibly, we lie. However, this type of truth is harmless as making ourselves appear admirable in a group of people doesn’t hurt anyone. But it’s still bad, you know!

Fear of loss

It is but a common phenomenon that we lie when we fear loss. Loss may be of anything – money, expensive valuables, an opportunity to make big, to get a better job, to have (no joking) sex at many times or for that matter, we even lie to ourselves to prevent the loss of morale in case our self esteem starts to decline. So the fear of loss and to protect our interests we usually lie scores of times in a day.

Fear of harm and conflict

These are, again, one of the cardinal reasons for us to lie. It is but obvious that when we fear harm, we lie for self protection to prevent any harm – physical or mental – to ourselves. In a similar case, we also lie at many times to avoid any argument that otherwise would have heated up beyond control to harm us.

Compulsive liars

Some of us immortal souls lie because of no reason. We do it, only because we do it. Well, if you call it habit, it’s the perfect term I suppose. The reason being, some of us even lie when it’s doesn’t make any sense. We call such people compulsive liars who would make you believe what they say is always true. They can’t do much about it even when they are caught red handed while doing so. In place of amending their habit, they continue to be what they are. Compulsive liars do it time and again because their mental makeup doesn’t allow them to take the other way.

Altruistic reasons

Telling a lie might surely not be because of any of the above reasons always. However, the motive behind telling a lie can also be humane. We lie to help our friends and loved ones at times. We even do flattery just to amuse someone. So, this is the only reason where lying is selfless.