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Why do we need animal shelters

Why do we need animal shelters

Humans are an evolved race and considered to be the chosen ones. As we have been chosen by nature to survive and thrive, it is our humanitarian duty to help the different flora and fauna species survive and keep the balance in nature intact. Animal shelters are our way to do our bit in taking care of innocent animals like dogs and cats. Often these animals are homeless and lose their keepers. In such cases they are sometimes abandoned at the street side and do not know how to procure food. Animal shelters provide living space and security to the abandoned or stray animals along with food and care.

According to ASPC every year around 5 to 7 million stray cats and dogs are given refuge at the animal shelters. The sad fact is that all these stray cats and dogs cannot be accommodated and some of them have to be euthanatized. It is no doubt horrifying but to control the increasing stray animals, it becomes necessary to take help of this procedure. When someone loses their pets they contact the local animal shelters with the hope of finding them. The animal shelters volunteers will take back pets found on the streets and keep them until the owner comes.

The animal shelters work under the governance of local municipality or the government. Another function of the animal shelters is to make more people adopt pets and give them a home. Animal shelter workers also spread awareness about neutering or spaying the pets so that they do not produce too many kittens or puppies. This is a better way of handling animal population. Many animals have found loving owners and a home full of warmth through the animal shelter adopting system. The animals cannot fend for themselves due to domestication and need our active participation for keeping them safe and secure.

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