Why do we need Internet security

Why do we need Internet security

These days, every aspect of our personal and professional lives is dependent on the internet. We use the internet for virtually everything which means that using internet security has become more crucial than ever. As the internet has evolved, cyber criminals have evolved with them. Thankfully, internet security is able to prevent most such attacks though the general public still doesn’t know what kind of cyber threats it needs to protect itself from. Here are some of the key reasons why we need internet security.

To ward off malware

Any malicious software that is designed to cause damage to computers or the programs installed in it is called malware. This software is designed to cause loss of data or harm to computing devices.

To prevent virus attacks

Viruses are the most common types of computer threats. They have the ability to replicate themselves and corrupt or delete the information stored in a computer without the user’s consent.

To keep Trojans at bay

Trojans or Trojan horse programs are a kind of malware that are designed to steal information or to alter it for a malicious purpose.

To ward off spyware

Spyware programs are designed to read keystrokes on your computer system that can be used to track passwords, banking information, PIN numbers and other crucial data that can be used in identity theft.

To keep worms at bay

Worms are programmed that are designed to mass destruction. When they infiltrate a network, it can replicate itself extensively and can even affect the whole economy of a country or region.

To prevent bots

Bots are designed to steal data. This data could be in the form of your email addresses and passwords, your banking and social security information, your proprietary ideas and even any original material that you may have compiled or stored on your computer.