Why do we need network security

Why do we need network security

Data is the key to all power in the modern world. Companies and organizations spend billions every year to create security systems to keep their data safe. However, companies also need to keep their system on a network to ensure an optimum flow of work. This makes network security an essential part of work. Let’s consider the major reasons why we need network security.

To protect private or company assets and data

Whether you own a big company or a small one or even if you have a single home computer that you only use to view cat videos on YouTube, your private data is your personal property. Just like you want someone to steal your TV or your living room couch or the plants in your office lobby, you’d also not want anyone to steal the data that belongs to you or your business. Since data has a lot of value, its theft can be very devastating too. Having the proper network security in place can prevent this kind of theft.

To gain a competitive advantage

In the hands of competitors, the data that belongs to your company can lead to the downfall of your business. However, with the proper network security in place, you can keep your proprietary data out of rivals’ hands. This gives any business huge competitive edge especially when they are working at launching new products and services.

To comply with regulatory requirements

Businesses like banks are required by government regulations to safeguard the data of their customers. If this data is stolen, it could lead to huge losses to the banks’ customers. Network security becomes all the more crucial for such businesses. Customer information can only be sought from these businesses in special cases and that too with legal permissions.