Why do we really get tattoos

Why do we really get tattoos

Traditionally, tattoos were sported only by people who found themselves on the sidelines of society. These were generally bikers, prisoners, sailors or career criminals who got their skin inked because they couldn’t express their true selves any other way. However, the mark of the outcast has become a lot more commonplace these days. We examine the motivation behind getting tattoos in the modern world.

It is an attempt to appear badass

Getting a tattoo physically hurts. It is also kind of permanent and it was a mark of rebellion and badassery not so long ago. Getting a tattoo today may not be a sign of machismo to the same degree anymore but getting inked still makes people think of themselves as tough.

Celebrities have made tattoos “cool”

Celebrities have made getting tattoos fashionable and that is a big reason why a lot of common folks too have gotten themselves inked.

People don’t really think getting inked through

Drunken tattoos, tattoos in foreign languages and couples’ tattoos are often gotten in a fit of passion. The foreign language tattoo is mostly a desperate attempt to appear more liberal than one really is, the drunken tattoo is often a result of a dare and couples tattoos are gotten when one or both partners in a relationship are in the throes of love and believe their love will never end.

It helps people mark their individuality

We live in a world where we believe we uphold our individuality but we desperately try to conform to the ideals prescribed by society. From following fashions to following pop culture, we try to fit in with everyone else all the time which is why we resort to marking our individuality through mediums like tattoos.