Why do We Study Rocks

Mysterious Roving Rocks of Racetrack Playa

There are many people interested in studying geology and especially about rocks. This gives them a lot of information about our planet and other interesting phenomena. Let us check out what is it about rocks that makes their study so important.

Observe changes

The study of rocks helps us in understanding the history of our planet. It is only through the study of rocks that we can track previous happenings and events that took place on our planet. Rocks give us an idea of how planets used to appear in the past. These also tell us about the changes that would have taken place at a particular location. Rocks can even give us a variety of information through their color. However, there are various features of rocks that we can study. Looking at the present condition of a rock, we can predict the changes that it may have faced over the years.

Predict future phenomena

As the study of rocks tells us about historical phenomena that may have occurred at a place, it can also indicate what present conditions at that place might lead to. Thus, we may be ready for some likely future phenomena and happenings. For example, a piece of rock can let us know about previous weather conditions, atmospheric changes and happenings that took place. This can lead to estimates on what could happen in future at the same place. If a place faced frequent volcanic eruptions, then one could experience the same in future.

Understand natural reactions to plan remedies

Through rock studies, we can gain a general understanding on the working of our planet and its processes. If we understand how Earth reacts to varied phenomena and activities, then we could plan future actions in that direction. For example, our observation of temperature changes over the years can help us in understanding global warming and its harmful effects on the environment. Thus, we can better plan future actions to prevent it.