Why Do We Study the Atmosphere


Atmosphere is a cover of gases that surrounds our planet and protects us from various adverse external weather conditions. It not only shields us from Sun’s heat and radiations, but also offers oxygen for our breathing and survival. The study of atmosphere is quite essential in order to understand a variety of changes that occur in our climate. Regional climate is extremely affected by atmospheric changes and knowing about the atmosphere can help us deal with these changes. We can better adapt at a location when we know the likely weather conditions that would be present there.

In addition, the Earth’s atmosphere is also affected by a wide range of human activities. Since the atmosphere is our survival kit, we need to understand the effects of various human activities on it. We constantly alter our behavior and activities according to atmospheric changes. Additionally, we even keep our resources ready in accordance with such changes. Thus, our planning to survive at a particular place may fail if we are unaware of usual atmospheric changes and phenomena. For example, we may not be prepared to wear appropriate clothes if we do not know about the effects of atmosphere on our regional climate. That is another major reason to study the atmosphere.

We should also be aware of all our activities that are negatively influencing some atmospheric phenomena. This helps us in preventing any harm done to atmospheric layers so we may remain protected from harmful rays and extreme conditions. Atmospheric phenomena can even lead to dangerous conditions of floods, hurricanes, thunderstorms, tornadoes, lightening, hails, etc. Thus, it is critical to study the atmosphere in order to avoid its negative consequences. By keeping a constant check on atmospheric changes, we can take required precautions and send warnings to people for taking suggested measures when these changes could be dangerous.