Why do we use pronouns

Pronouns are useful words that make writing and speech simple and effective. Some people question its importance because they simply don’t know the purpose that pronouns serve. So here, we are with some information that would convince you to believe in the importance of pronouns.
What is a pronoun?
A word that takes place of a noun is referred to as pronoun. Girl, chair, lion, and belief are nouns that are representing living and non-living things. Now, you write sentences that contain these nouns. Then you write sentences that make the same sense but without these nouns. So the words that will replace the nouns will be pronouns, For instance, you can write ‘she’ for ‘girl’, and can replace ‘chair’ with the pronoun ‘it’.

Why should you use pronouns?
Nouns clearly represent the people, place, animal, and things. Therefore, people often question the need to use pronouns. They simply don’t get the point of replacing nouns with pronouns. Well, we hope they will understand the importance of using pronouns after reading these following lines.

‘Jim and his brother are going to Jim and his brother’s aunt’s house for vacation. Jim and his brother’s aunt is going to cook Jim, his brother’s, and his aunt’s favourite food.’
Read this sentence aloud, and for sure you would find the problem. Hopefully, you realized how confusing this entire sentence is. Moreover, it sounds so uninteresting and chaotic. The reason behind is the repetitive use of the same nouns throughout. This is when pronouns come to rescue. If you replace the repetitive nouns with pronouns, the same sentence would become more meaningful, appealing, and easy. Pronouns work wonders to make writing attractive and sentence smoother and cleaner. Now you can try reading the following sentence, wherein pronouns have replaced nouns.

‘Jim and his brother are going to their aunt’s house for vacation, and she is going to cook their favourite food.’
This certainly is much easier and appealing to read. Similarly, pronouns are good to use when you don’t want to express ideas about yourself by using your name. For example –
‘Marta is going to meet her best friend. She is very excited.’
If you send this message or mail to your friends, they would simply get confused as to whether you are talking about some other girl or there is something wrong with you. On the other hand, you can make the same sentence normal by using pronouns – ‘I am going to meet my best friend, and I am excited.’

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