Why do windows fog up in the winter

Foggy Windows

During the winter season, the home windows fog up a lot and you have to wipe them almost every morning. The same happens because of the considerable difference between the temperature inside the house and the outdoors. The fogged up windows suggest that there is excess moisture in the air indoors. This excess moisture comes from the daily household activities like cooking, bathing and dish-washing. This warm and humid air when comes in contact with the cold, glass home windows, the condensation process occurs and the excess moisture gets deposited on the windows, thereby making them foggy.

Excessive use of indoor humidifier also adds to indoor humidity. You can either wipe them or wait for the temperature to rise. With the temperature increase during the day, the air becomes able to contain more moisture again and the fog disappears. In order to stop your windows fogging up in winter, you can do the following.

1. Do not use indoor humidifier excessively. A dehumidifier in the basement is a great option

2. Insulation needs to be good. You can install windows with double paned glass.

3. Try not to air dry your clothes inside the house.

4. Check for plumbing leaks, if any and set them right.

5. Avoid burning fossil fuels indoors, as it adds too much of moisture to the air.

6. Use exhaust fans more often for longer time.