Why Do Women Initiate Divorce

Women Initiate Divorce

According to various types of studies and surveys, it appears that statistics are in favor of women when it comes to initiating a divorce proceeding. Women are usually found to be more concerned about their married lives, and they also take steps when things do not work well with their partners. Read on to know more about their thoughts and reasons behind initiating divorces more frequently as compared to men.

Unreasonable behavior of men

This is one of the most important contributory factors to women seeking divorces. Many women complain that their husbands remain involved in unprovoked gambling or boozing activities that are intolerable by them. Some also complain of verbal or physical abuse and mental cruelties imposed on them by their husbands. All such unreasonable behaviors displayed by their partners lead women to ask for a divorce.

Involvement of children

When a child is involved in a non-working relationship of couples, women are more active in initiating divorces. While married men are scared of losing their children during their divorces, women feel secured on this aspect. The odds are generally in a woman’s favor when a child’s custody is talked about. Thus, women make themselves ready to take this drastic step of a divorce.

Emotional neglect by husbands

This is a common reason of women going for divorces with their partners. They feel that their partners do not treat them emotionally right and they feel neglected. Many women feel that they are the only ones who talk about their marital concerns or do something to mend their relationships with partners. They feel that their husbands do not offer emotional support or take steps to solve problems and communicate about it. When husbands are only concerned about their own likings and activities, women are left with no choices except seeking a divorce.