Why Do Writers Drink

man writing typewriter

There are many evidences of great writers who were excessively into drinking. However, it is not clear if drinking played any significant role in their writings. If you ask writers, they would usually cite a variety of reasons related to their drinking habits. However, there are various studies done on the drinking habit of writers that suggest additional reasons behind this habit. Let us know about some of these common reasons cited by studies and writers.

Resulting excitement from alcohol

Many writers feel that a drink can help them imagine and fantasize better. Thus, they may come up with more ideas after they are drunk. It is actually a dose of alcohol that makes them more excited about writing. Alcohol itself is as exciting as imagination is.

Reduced fear

Some writers create great pieces of work when they write fearlessly. Some studies suggest that drinking reduces this fear of criticism by others and the feeling of self-criticism in these writers. Thus, they are able to write openly when drunk.

Being routine

Some people also feel that it is a prejudice to speak of most writers getting drunk before writing. It is actually part of their open culture and lifestyle in which they usually drink. As writers usually get to their writing work at night when it is all peaceful, they just need their glass of drink by their side. It is a routine for them and not a way to support their writing or anything.

Getting inspired to drink

There are various writing works that talk lavishly of drinks. These become inspirations for other writers who also start developing a deep feeling that drinking can have them blessed. They believe that their indulgence has resulted from literature and all their wisdom would come out to a peak after getting drunk. Thus, every individual writer having a drinking habit speaks of their resulting experience in their own way.