Why do you want to study business management

Why do you want to study business manage

Business management is one of the most sought after streams of education in the moment and a degree from a premier B-school pretty much ensures you a lucrative job with a big management firm. Unlike the motivation behind, say wanting to become a doctor (“I want to save lives”), the motivation behind wanting to study business management isn’t always so clear. We try to find out why people want to study business management.

It is a study of organizations

Business management is the study of organizations. In every organization, people with different jobs are responsible for different aspects of the business. A study of business management basically helps people understand how organizations work, what different kinds of managers do and how their jobs can be made more effective and efficient.

It is a surefire way to get a job

The single biggest motivation for student to join a B-school is the fact that a top degree from a top institute guarantees you a well paying job with a good company.

It helps you understand what managers do

Most jobs are pretty self explanatory. A plumber takes care of plumbing, a judge rules on cases, a policeman maintains law and order and a chef cooks food. However, no one is entirely sure of what exactly it is that a manager needs to do. A business management degree essentially helps you understand what the job entails.

Managers make a lot of money for being themselves

A good manager is someone who has good people skills. A business management degree only tells you the basic procedures that a manager needs to follow. But managers mostly make a lot of money for being themselves which is a great motivator for students who want to study this subject.

You can forget everything you learnt in a B-school and still be successful

To get a professional degree like engineering, medicine, law or IT, you need to be aware of every technical aspect of the profession and basically know all there is to know about the field to date. Business management only deals with theoretical aspects of management and isn’t an exact science. If you forget a key principle of management, it won’t cost someone their life or limb (like in medicine). In fact, if your business is successful, a B-school would ask you to come in teach students about what you did that was different to what the school taught you!