Why Does an F1 Car Make Deafening Noise

F1 Car Make Deafening Noise

Have you been to an F1 (Formula 1) racing championship where noisy F1 cars almost block your hearing power? Have you ever thought why F1 cars make such deafening noises? If not, read on to understand the reason behind F1 cars being so noisy and ear splitting. Even though it may sound like music when you are attending a heart-pumping event like F1 championship, it is really noisy when F1 cars are pumped by their powerful engines. Yes, their engine power is the real reason that causes them to sound so annoying.

You would possibly know that every car has a silencer on its exhaust pipe. This silencer is installed so that a car’s noise level could be reduced to remain under such sound limits that are easily tolerable by a human ear. However, there is no such silencer on the exhaust pipe of an F1 car. This is done deliberately so the performance of an F1 car does not go down. A silencer or muffler could also cut down the power an F1 car generates. The absence of a muffler makes this car quite noisy in comparison to a regularly driven car.

Balance is an important aspect of an F1 car and that is the reason why its aerodynamics needs to be maintained in the best possible manner. There is a smooth airflow required in an F1 racing car in order to maintain its balance and to make it run swiftly and comfortably. The presence of a silencer would break the proper airflow in an F1 racing car that could further lead to the car’s imbalance. A driver would find it difficult to drive an F1 car if it is installed with a muffler. Thus, spectators and team members at F1 racing championships are made to wear earplugs and large headphones while they are attending to the noisy cars rushing around them.