Why is Itachi’s Arm Like That?

Suppose you have seen the Naruto manga and anime series under Masashi Kishimoto’s banner. In that case, it’s not a brainer to predict you are a fan of the Naruto series. Have you ever wondered “why is Itachi’s arm like that?” If that is so, then chances are extremely high that you want to know what happened to Itachi’s left arm. Continue reading to find out significant things about Itachi. Most importantly, especially that particular arm theory.

There are so many interesting things to know about the true prince of Konoha, Itachi Uchiha, other than Itachi’s arm. For example, how did Sasuke win so easily over Itachi when he was one of the strongest Uchiha clan members? In addition, one of the most asked questions is – does Itachi die of his own will? 

We will answer all your questions about this fearsome shinobi. Alongside, we will throw light on why Itachi wanted to be killed by Sasuke’s hand? But most of them revolve around Itachi’s left arm, the cloak he wears in character. 

Let’s get started!

What Happened to Itachi’s Left Arm?

What Happened to Itachi's Left Arm?

Nothing happened to Itachi’s left arm if you talk in a nutshell. But since that particular arm (left) out of a cloak creates hype, fans are curious to know if something happened with Itachi’s arm. So are you one of those people? Scroll on! 

What Is a Cloak in Context to Itachi Uchiha?

What Is a Cloak in Context to Itachi Uchiha?

First comes first; Itachi used to wear a cloak. In his character in Naruto, he keeps his left hand inside. Also called a loose garment, a cloak is wearable over regular clothing. This style statement is common in Japanese tradition and video games. 

Why Did Itachi Uchiha Have His Left Arm Out? 

When you ask why this question, it simply means you want to know the good reason why Itachi keeps his left arm out of the cloak. These are the most fundamental questions asked by the fans. There is no best theory regarding the same. 

However, according to fans’ reaction, Itachi keeps his left arm in his clock or half outside as a ritual during the fight. However, the other argument is that the same style reflects Itachi’s immense willpower. 

Unknown to many, some theories suggest that he kept his left arm straight to pay homage to Japanese tradition. While the other claims that Itachi keeps his arm in his cloak to personify the fashion statement to look cool. 

On the other hand, fans believe it’s Itachi’s way to show his upper hand in the battle, as Itachi always has under-headed moves ahead. 

Some Other Theories Regarding Itachi’s Left Arm in Cloak

Many fans associate Itachi’s arm hanging outside the cloak to conserve body heat to combat enemies in treacherous conditions. On the flip side, many believe he kept his left arm straight due to respiratory illness. To conclude, we would bust the most common myth, which revolves around his left arm hanging out to relieve his pain. 

Why Did Itachi Keep His Arm In His Cloak?

As we said in the above paragraph, It’s a myth that Itachi keeps his left arm hanging in his clock because of his fatal disease. The Itachi arm is not injured anyway because he belongs to the dangerous Ninja tribe. He just put his left arm in his cloak as his swag! You need to watch the full series to believe it. 

Fans’ Reaction to His Arm in Cloak

Itachi is a strong and dangerous ninja who stays focused and acquires fearsome ranks in the clan. People admire his idea of only one sleeve. When he puts his arm in his cloak, fans believe it’s Itachi’s way of hinting that he is bootstrapped with the upper hand in the battle. In addition, the same displays Itachi’s way of distracting the opponent on the battlefield.

Get to Know About Itachi Uchicha’s Mysterious Illness

Firstly, Itachi Uchiha’s arm inside the cloak has nothing to do with his mysterious illness. Coming to the point, Itachi was diagnosed with a respiratory illness after he joined the Anbu. This resulted in limited endurance. Itachi’s Fatal disease put him in pain. However, he continued to train his Sharingan and genjutsu, showing his immense willpower. 

If you whisk different novels, you will find that Itachi displayed symptoms like a lack of stamina and coughing up blood before his death. This boils down to Itachi’s fatal disease resulting in hemoptysis. And hence, many people think Itachi Uchiha suffers from respiratory disease. Although Sasuke hates his elder brother, there is no threat indicating Sasuke was the reason for Itachi’s mysterious illness. 

Why Does Sasuke Hate His Elder Brother? 

Why Does Sasuke Hate His Elder Brother? 

Both Sasuke and Itachi are important characters in Naruto. Itachi is older than Sasuke and hates his brother because he killed the entire Uchiha clan. Although he killed his older brother Itachi, he lacks the frightening abilities to fight and cope with standing up against one of the dangerous Ninjas – Itachi Uchiha. 

How Did Itachi Uchiha Die?

What if we tell you that Itachi purposefully wants to be killed by Sasuke as he runs out of the chakra? Yes, you heard it right! Sasuke was not fully responsible for killing Itachi. This pragmatic individual was on medications to prolong his life. In a nutshell, you must know that Itachi allowed Sasuke to kill Kim. During his final moments, Itachi expressed his gratitude and love to Sasuke. Did we mention at the end that Itachi fights calmly with his brother? 

Anything Else? 

It would be a brainer if we say that Itachi’s fight with Sasuke doesn’t count as a loss. Itachi could have even killed Sasuke in this weakened state easily if he wanted. But Itachi gave Sasuke the satisfaction of killing him to pass the strength and portray Sasuke as a clan hero. So don’t you think remarkable fortitude makes Itachi one of the best Naruto?

Was Itachi A Hero or Villain? 

Unquestionably, Itachi was a hero as he endured life’s thick and thin. He sacrificed his loved ones, reputation, and even his younger brother’s love and admiration for the sake of his clan. If this doesn’t speak a volume to you regarding what character Itachi possessed, then what will?

But until Itachi’s death, no one came to know he was a hero. Plus, he was rewarded with one of the best techniques and abilities in the ninja world. Still, he lost to his younger brother in battle. 

Final Words – Why is Itachi’s Arm Like That?

Undoubtedly, he’s the strong and reputable shinobi of the entire clan. Itachi has shown remarkable fortitude throughout his life. For many reasons, Itachi is acknowledged as Naruto’s most popular character. He did several good deeds on the internet for his villages and people. And this might be the reason Itachi Uchiha fans hold him in high respect as a patriotic soldier.

Now that you have a good insight into the two main characters of Naruto. In addition, we have educated you about why people remember Itachi as a good ninja. If you have some better explanation of what made his left arm hang, let us know in the comments.