How Tall is Elon Musk?

Have you ever wondered “how tall is Elon Musk?” Don’t you think the height of Elon Musk comes down to his personality traits? If yes, then continue reading! When a person has an unblinking focus and works ethic that feeds passion, the person itself becomes the hype and hot topic. And guess what? The world’s richest person and the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX is also no exception.

Yes, we are talking about Elon Musk. He is an idol for tech-savvy people and visionary entrepreneurs because Musk has a scent for ideas shaping the world. There are many things people seem to be interested to know about Musk.

For instance, his ex-girlfriend Grimes, his Canadian mother, his idea to drop admission into Stanford University, and his relationship with South Africa. But today, we will only focus on how tall is Elon Musk. Keep scrolling! 

How Tall is Elon Musk? 

First comes first. It is also true that a person’s actual height hovers a lot when you wear different shoes. And this guy who won the defamation case against pedo guy is also no exception.

Coming to the point, if you haven’t paid attention to Elon Musk’s Twitter account back on 2 October 2015, the chances are high that you have missed out where Musk officially mentioned he’s 1.88 m (6 ft 2 in)’.

But different people have a distinct take on the SpaceX Founder’s height. During an interview for the Model X, some claim that Musk stated he’s 6ft 1 and a half in tall (187 cm). 

Side Note: You would be stunned to know that many people believe Musk uses elevator shoes to make him tall, from 2 to 5 inches. In addition, people who met him at an event and took photos with Musk claim that Google and IMBD are wrong about how tall Elon Musk is.

According to a handful of people who got a chance to meet Musk, they have to say that he’s around 6 ft 3 or 4 inches. 

Anything Else Related to Elon Musk That People Should Know? 

Musk purchasing twitter stock

Recently, Musk has warned the world about artificial intelligence implications. Alongside his business career has several achievements under his belt.

Unknown to many, a few days back, Musk purchased Twitter stock, which makes him the largest shareholder of the social media platform. Musk had an early talent for computers and entrepreneurship from a young age. Later on, when he grew 12, Musk created a video game and sold it to a computer magazine. 

Final Words – How Tall is Elon Musk?

The height of South African-born entrepreneur Elon Musk is one of the most talked-about attributes. Irrespective of the gender, people bowl over with Musk’s personality traits. Some people have similar kinds of height, or those close to Elon’s height admire, idolize, and worship this charismatic man to the extreme.

His net worth speaks on his behalf, and hence, Elon Reeve Musk is true, the successful business magnate. You can check the Bloomberg Billionaire Index and the latest Forbes list. You will see Elon Musk is ahead in net worth compared to his other tech zillionaires like Mark Zuckerberg and Amazon Founder – Jeff Bezos.

Last but not least, Musk also co-founded Openai, and he is the largest individual shareholder with a 17% share in Tesla. Alongside, Musk also co-founded the Boring Company.