Where Was 1883 Filmed?

If you’re a Yellowstone fan, it’s time to fall in love with the series prequel, 1883. Have you also been wondering as a fellow fan, “where was 1883 filmed? “The Dutton family from Fort Worth, Texas, is the subject of a new western series from Paramount+ that follows their journey north to Montana in a covered wagon. On Dutton’s quest for the American Dream, the year 1883 brings the proud pioneer spirit to life.

After the success of Yellowstone, it’s no surprise that 1883 has become the most popular new show since 2015. These shows allow viewers to reflect on the perseverance of our ancestors, who faced a very different set of challenges than we face today. The next time you’re frustrated by a slow internet connection, remember how it would be to cross a river with a wagon and a herd of animals.

1883 brings to life the wild west and the cowboy lifestyle, a period of our remarkable history that became a storyline for many Hollywood movies. We know you must be curious to learn more about the locations of 1883 but hold your horses; we are getting there. So let us take you back in time and take you behind the scenes of this popular series.

What Year Was 1883 Filmed?

According to The Teal Mango, filming for the first season of the series ‘1883’ began in the second half of August 2021. The majority of the series takes place in the Western United States, with distinct backgrounds in several states.

Where Was 1883 Filmed?

Weatherford, Texas

According to The Cinemaholic, most of the show’s filming was in Parker County, Weatherford, Texas, where the series’ creator Taylor Sheridan happens to live. A few scenes were shot on the creator’s Ranch. The show’s primary shooting location is the Bosque Ranch Headquarters, a real-life ranch and media production facility in the city itself.

Fort Worth Stockyards

Filming also took place in the Fort Worth Stockyards, where sets were erected along West Exchange Avenue. When it came time to choose a location for the production’s headquarters, Fort Worth was the obvious choice. The first stop on cast members’ season 1 shooting itinerary was Fort Worth, Texas.

Texas Panhandle Region

The Texas Panhandle cities of Amarillo and Granbury Square served as filming locations for parts of 1883.

Montana Towns

The Montana towns of Livingston, Clyde Park, and Paradise Valley were all visited and served as the show’s filming locations. At the same time, Montana’s Park County, just a few miles from the Yellowstone National Park, was the setting for a significant portion of the first season. 

The 6666 Ranch

Some of the scenes were shot at the 6666 Ranch, which will serve as the setting for Yellowstone’s second spinoff series.

The actual 6666 Ranch or the Four Sixes Ranch is in King County, Texas, just outside Guthrie, situated on 260,000 acres and 

After purchasing 100 6666-branded cattle from Frank Crowley, Burnett expanded his Texas ranch to include the headquarters of Four Sixes Ranch and Dixon Creek Ranch, situated between Panhandle and Borger.

Who All Featured in 1883?

It will be a wild ride, so grab your lassos and mount your horses! Suppose you were a fan of Yellowstone’s Dutton family. In that case, you’d be swooning over their pioneering ancestors in 1883, which showcases the Dutton family’s journey. Take a look at the actors filling these roles.

Sam Elliott Plays Shea Brennan

You’ll find Sam Elliott hard to miss if you have watched A Star Is Born, Road House, The Ranch, and The Hero. Fans and critics alike are familiar with and enamored with this actor’s acting abilities.

In 1883, he plays Shea Brennan, a Pinkerton agent and the party’s guide in the west. Even though Brennan appears to be tough as nails, the opening scene of 1883 reveals the sadness beneath his tough exterior.

Tim McGraw Plays James Dutton

Country music star Tim McGraw is also known for his roles in the films Friday Night Lights and Country Strong, which received critical acclaim, and he plays James Dutton.

James Dillard Dutton is the man who dreamed up Yellowstone, and you’ll recognize him from the season 4 flashback. As a young man in 1883, Dutton embarked on a journey to the west to establish himself as a successful homesteader. Washington State initially comes to mind as a land of warm winters and cool summers as a possible location for him to settle. However, his journey will eventually lead him to the Yellowstone ranch in Montana, which is a place he’s never been before.

Faith Hill Plays Margaret Dutton

Faith Hill is a talented actress and a singer; Dixieland and The Stepford Wives are two of her previous credits.

She plays Margaret Dutton, the show’s matriarch, which is easily recognizable from her presence in Yellowstone. But, she’s anything but your traditional 1880s wife. Both formidable and tender, Margaret prefers to hop on her horse instead of riding in the back of the family wagon the whole day.

LaMonica Garrett Plays Thomas

Designated Survivor, Sons of Anarchy, and Arrow are some of LaMonica’s previous credits.

First, you see LaMonica Garrett’s character working with former war buddy Brennan, but the “soul of the show” quickly distinguishes himself. Thomas, an erstwhile Buffalo soldier in the Civil War, contributes to a better understanding of the crucial role played by African-American cowboys in the early days of the United States of America’s founding.

Isabel May Plays Elsa Dutton

Isabel May, 21, had a starring role in Alexa & Katie and Young Sheldon before joining the cast of 1883.

Even though James and Margaret’s eldest daughter, Elsa, is prone to daydreaming, she proves to be a vital member of the caravan’s leadership on the road to the west. Her story sheds light on the internal dynamics of a young female’s pioneer journey.

Audie Rick Plays John Dutton Sr.

1883 is Audie’s second acting role, and he is only five years old at the time of its filming. Previously, he appeared as a young Luke Skywalker in Kenobi: A Star Wars Story.

As Kevin Costner’s father, Audie Rick portrays the younger version of John Dutton Sr., who made an appearance in a Yellowstone flashback as an older version of himself.

Marc Rissmann Plays Josef

As Harry Strickland in Game of Thrones and Wilhelm Goertzmann in The Man in the High Castle, Marc Rissman is no stranger to period pieces.

Josef is the de facto leader and spokesperson for the immigrant community because he is the only one who speaks English fluently.

In addition, Billy Bob Thornton appears as a guest star, while Tom Hanks appears in a Civil War flashback scene.

Final Words – Where Was 1883 Filmed?

In the 1950s, when television first swept the world, western TV shows were readily available on every television channel. Instead, they provided a wonderful experience and allowed viewers to immerse themselves in the Western world of mountains, feral horses, and gunfights. As a Yellowstone spinoff, 1883 has made a name for itself as a ruthless, stunningly beautiful western that had virtually disappeared from the small screen and has allowed us to rediscover that world again.