How To Blow A Bubble With Gum?

So, how to blow a bubble with gum? Kids can’t enjoy bubble gum until they blow a giant bubble, right? Let’s admit blowing bubbles is a large part of anyone’s childhood. Chewing a lot of bubble gum to get that perfect blowing bubbles is just every child’s dream. But as fun it may sound, we all know it is a bit hard to get a grip of.

You can blow a bubble with any gum. It is one of the most fun tricks to master as a kid. But it is not necessary to watch videos every time you begin to practice for popping bubblegum.

Besides being tricky, blowing bubble gum can also create a mess or be accidental. That’s why knowing everything about making an air pocket from bubble gum is crucial. So let’s search no more. Within a few minutes of reading this article, your kid can make fragile bubble pops.

How To Blow A Bubble With Bubble Gum?

How To Blow A Bubble With Bubble Gum?
How To Blow A Bubble With Bubble Gum?

Blowing a bubble might be the most daunting trick for a kid. And to be honest, not all grown-ups can do it too. But, even if you are a grown-up wanting to ace the temptation of blowing bubble gum, these steps and tips will help you do that. You will also learn how to blow a giant bubble air bubble with double bubble gum.

All the steps of making a perfect air pocket of bubble gum are below,

The Steps Of Blowing A Bubble Gum

  • The first step of bubble blowing is to choose the perfect bubble gum for yourself. There are bubble gums available in the market with less sugar in them; you can opt for those in case you have diabetes.
  • Working with a gum that has flavor works best, and you should go for them because to master this new skill, you need to practice quite a few times. And surely no one wants to chew bubble gum that is not up to their liking. Strawberry bubble gums work best for children as they taste delicious and juicy.
  • The more gum, the better. So try to choose gums that are more in amount; that way, it will be easier to work with. You can layer two pieces of bubblegum for a more prominent bubble. Sticky bubble gums also work great for this purpose.
  • Chew the bubble gum till it becomes a little sticky, wet and soft. This state is called the pliable state. If you want to make a bubble, the gum must be in this state first.
  • But make sure you don’t over chew the gum. Over chewing makes it hard, and hard bubble gums are not the perfect ones to make a giant bubble. It must always remain a bit soft, wet and sticky.
  • Keep your mouth and lips closed. Then push the gum against your upper teeth with your tongue. It will flatten the gum before you start making bubbles of it.
  • Place your tongue in the middle of the flattened gum.
  • The next step is to keep your mouth slightly open and push your tongue and lips slightly forward to form an air pocket.
  • Then, gently blow air into the air pocket to form a bubble. But make sure to regulate the air accordingly. Otherwise, you might pop it.
  • As you blow gently into the air pocket, withdraw your tongue slowly to shape a perfect bubble. Keep your mouth open throughout the process; else, you will pop your bubble.
  • Once you are happy with the size of the bubble, press your lips together to keep the bubble for longer. If you don’t do this step, the air from your mouth can pop the bubble open with a hole in it. Retrieve your tongue totally when it forms a ball shape.

That’s it; it is this easy. But you will need some time to master it. If you can’t do it in one go, suck the whole gum into your mouth and repeat the process until you get what you want.

How To Blow A Big Bubble With Gum?

How To Blow A Big Bubble With Gum?
How To Blow A Big Bubble With Gum?

Now, this might take a bit of time to ace. Once you can make a usual bubble from bubble gum, it’s time to make a giant bubble.

Do you know you can blow bubbles and make a Guinness world record? Yes, if you can ace the skill of blowing the biggest bubblegum, you can even make it to the Guinness book of world records.

Chad Fell from the USA holds the latest one; his bubble was 20 inches in diameter.

The best trick to making a giant bubble is to take more gum into your mouth. As the bubble grows, the layer gets thin that can poke the bubble. But fill your mouth with enough bazooka gum to avoid that from happening.

The rest of the process is the same. Blowing a bubble is like blowing a balloon. Once it gets more air than it can contain, it will pop open. So make sure to fill your mouth with an adequate amount of gum.

How To Blow A Bubble Inside A Bubble With Bubble Gum?

How To Blow A Bubble Inside A Bubble With Bubble Gum?
How To Blow A Bubble Inside A Bubble With Bubble Gum?

There are two ways to make a double bubble. First, a double bubble creates a bubble inside another bubble.

It might be the most challenging bubble gum trick to master, but you can slowly make it happen with this trick.

Most people start by making a giant bubble, pull back their tongue, and make a smaller bubble with the rest of the gum. The key is to breathe slow, or you will have to do it again.

You can also do the opposite. Start by making a small bubble, pull back the tongue, and blow a bigger one. Then use your language to put it into the bigger one.

Pro Tip:

Use stick gums for this trick, as it contains enough to make two bubbles at once.

Why Can’t I Blow a Bubble With Chewing Gum?

Why Can't I Blow a Bubble With Chewing Gum?
Why Can’t I Blow a Bubble With Chewing Gum?

You must have noticed that chewing gums contain so little quantity that it is not even half of what you get in bubble gum. You can’t flatten this on the roof of your mouth. And if you can’t flatten it properly, it will be tough to make a bubble of it.

To make it work, you can eat multiple chewing gums; that way, you can keep pushing your tongue to create the perfect bubble. However, don’t breathe out too hard, or the bubble will spit away from your mouth.

Final Words – How To Blow A Bubble With Gum?

Now you know how to make perfect bubble gum. As said before, it is tricky and won’t come quickly to you. But with practice, you will get better at it in no time. Try not to swallow the bubble gum or chewing gum often.

It can cause several accidents, so look after your children when they do so. Also, chewing a lot of gums can make your mouth dry, so drink plenty of water. These tips will surely help you or your kid achieve the perfect bubble from gums.