Is Helix Available on Android TV?

So, is Helix available on Android TV? Helix TV is an IPTV platform with scores of channels from across the globe that you can run on various platforms. The best TV broadcasters in the US, UK, and Canada are easily accessible. Additionally, the business provides subscription packages with international networks. If you prefer to view movies and TV shows, you can also choose a VOD(Video On Demand) membership.

It takes little time to set up and utilize the Helix FireStick software. The service is accessible on a variety of devices, including Mac, iOS, Windows PC, Linux, Raspberry Pi, and more, thanks to a Kodi plugin.

Do You Need a Smart TV for Helix?

Do You Need a Smart TV for Helix?
Do You Need a Smart TV for Helix?

No! On your smartphones, you can watch your live channels, recordings, on-demand programming, and downloads via the Helix TV app, which is free with your Helix TV subscription. Even five synchronous previews on various screens are possible.

Without a computer, you can also sign up for the Helix TV App service.

How Can You Watch Helix On Your TV?

Keep in mind your smartphone is running the latest operating system.

To download the Helix TV app, choose your device’s operating system: i.e., iOS or Android devices. Then, using your Customer Center or My Account (Helix TV) username and password, you can log in.

Installation Process of Helix TV IPTV On Firestick

Installation Process of Helix TV IPTV On Firestick
Installation Process of Helix TV IPTV On Firestick

This instruction manual will show you how to set up Helix IPTV on a Firestick. Other Fire TV models, including the Fire TV Cube and Fire TV 2nd Gen, are compatible with this user manual.

Update: This IPTV service is not accessible right now. See our list of the best IPTV services for some further choices.

Regardless of the platform you choose, be sure to register with Helix IPTV first before choosing a subscription package. All the information is available on “How do I install Helix TV IPTV onto FireStick?”

Is Helix Available on Android TV?

Google created the Android-based Android TV smart TV operating system for audio systems, set-top boxes, digital video recorders, and TVs. It is the replacement for Google TV and has a user interface focusing on voice search and content exploration, data aggregating from different media apps and services, and integration with other contemporary Google technologies like Assistant, Cast, and Knowledge Graph.

Yes, Helix is available on Android TV.

Does Helix Have an App?

Does Helix Have an App?
Does Helix Have an App?

Helix TV App and illico TV plan come with the free Helix TV app. Whether you’re at home or abroad in Canada, you can watch your television programs whenever you want on your laptops, mobile devices, and all your monitors.

Using Your Home TV in Mobile Mode

Your favorite shows are no longer limited to your television with the Helix TV app at home. So, enjoy them while cooking dinner in the kitchen, on your balcony, or by the poolside. You may watch boxing and football on multiple screens and devices simultaneously, or you can watch your program on your mobile device while leaving the TV for the kids.

You can access the following when your mobile device—a phone, iPad, or computer linked to your home Wi-Fi network:

  1. Your plan’s channels
  2. On-Demand media on your Helix TV terminal, either for free or rented
  3.  Recordings

Can I Watch Helix Anywhere?

Can I Watch Helix Anywhere?
Can I Watch Helix Anywhere?

You don’t need to run home immediately to continue viewing your favorite shows. The Helix TV app allows you to take your enjoyment with you anywhere you go. You may access a load of things as soon as your smartphone is linked to a Canadian Internet network like:

  1. Your preferred programs
  2. Your Helix Go stuff
  3. Helix On Demand orders
  4. All finalized PVR recordings

Caution: The Helix TV app uses your Internet data to stream content while connected to a mobile network. Watch your usage and, if possible, move to a Wi-Fi network to prevent going over your mobile plan.

Helix TV IPTV’s Benefits and Drawbacks on Firestick


  • Numerous channels for simple streaming
  • Installation and setup are fast
  • appealing user interface
  • affordable prices
  • Plans to suit a variety of users’ requirements
  • Auto-updating live EPG
  • a variety of VOD plans
  • With specific options, international channels are available
  • 48-hour full-featured trial for 1 EURO


  • If you want numerous connections with your package, it’s a little pricey.
  • Problems with some channels’ buffering.

Final Words

On the whole, we think Helix TV IPTV is a wonderful choice for anyone who wants simple access to hundreds of cable Broadcasters from the USA, UK, Canada, and other countries.

Maximum times, channels play smoothly. You might, however, occasionally run into buffering problems. But the usage of a VPN typically solves this problem.

You may experience Helix IPTV on FireStick with the 48-hour trial for a little over 1 dollar.